Sunday, August 28, 2016

Do more with Philippines honeymoon packages

So, what are your plans for romantic vacation? Have you selected a destination? If not then consider Philippines. It is an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands. There is the world’s longest coastline and it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that the coastline is dotted with many pristine beaches. Philippines honeymoon packages have more to offer than any other destination.

All you need for a romantic vacation is peace and privacy and in Philippines, you can get lost in the lap of nature and discover your true self. The natural setting will encourage you to reveal your true love for your partner. You won’t need words to express your feelings as the surrounding environment will help. If you get some time from beaches and the wildlife and plant world, you can visit the historical sites some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. See how you can make customized honeymoon tours to Philippines to make your trip.

It is a multicultural country and this is an advantage for vacationers. Whether it is summer, winter, fall or spring; in Philippines every month and every season has a festival. The Manila honeymoon tour packages will provide you an opportunity to live your life to the full circle. But you should go prepared as there is so much to see and do that you won’t even get time to sit and relax in your hotel room.

Philippines have a good range of accommodations to offer. You can easily find a resort that can accommodate your needs or you can choose a luxury hotel where you get all the luxuries you can expect from a hotel. It is the best Indian Ocean honeymoon destination as it has everything from history to culture and from nature to development. Philippines is waiting for your arrival.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Honeymoon in Indian Ocean islands

Where could you find Florida like beaches in Asia? It is island countries of Indian Ocean where you can get the feel of being close to nature. If you want to spend your vacations on beach then look no further than Maldives. It is an island country and the King Island or Male is its capital.

Maldives honeymoon tour will be a memorable trip to an island country where you will want to nothing but rest and relaxation. Favorable climate, open space, silvery sand, beep blue ocean water, sky and inhabitants of nature will make you feel like a natural person and not a money making machine or robot. Here you can sit and explore your inner self. The sound of waves will lull you to sleep and the early morning rays of the sun will kiss your forehead and eyes to wake you up to a refreshing morning.

If not Maldives then it should be Mauritius. It is the luxurious tourist vacation of the world. This country possesses a number of manmade and natural attractions like the Seven Colored Earths. It is also rich in beaches and flora and fauna. This island country is a popular destination for honeymooners since long time.

Mauritius received the World Leading Island Destination award and World’s Best Beach award. Visit all the places of interests that make Mauritius the best in Mauritius honeymoon tour. It will be a short tour but you will enjoy every moment of it. And also you have the opportunity to customize the tour according to your needs.

Explore Indian Ocean honeymoon packages for more information on Maldives and Mauritius vacations. See what you can see and do in these countries and prepare a list of places of interests and things to do. Customize your tour and start preparing for a fun-filled vacation in Indian Ocean.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Indian Ocean honeymoon packages are the best honeymoon packages

If you want to make your honeymoon, the best time of your life, then choose of the Indian Ocean honeymoon packages. Choose one of the many coastal countries dotting the Indian Ocean rim and customize your package for the best time of your life.

Select a country after studying its location, position and offerings. There are many countries but only the best places are selected in the packages. Also the packages are customized to suit individual needs of the couples. Objective of a package is to save couples money while providing them an opportunity to visit places of their choice and allowing them plenty of time to spend together.

If you want to go an island country then go to Philippines honeymoon tour. It is a group of thousands of islands that offer different culture, tastes and fashion. Here you will get an opportunity to taste exotic food you can’t get at your home and also not to mention the panoramic views that you will soak in during your stay.